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YA Dystopian Fantasy Available Now!

If everyone's death dates were revealed to the world, how would it change us?

YA Dystopian Fantasy

Ebooks and Paperbacks available now


The “4” tattooed on the back of Corrie’s neck means she’ll die before she turns twenty.

The knowledge of death dates has become available to the world. Now, those with early death dates—the Threes and Fours—are forced to put their short lives to use in a labor camp called the Prime so the long-lived can thrive.

While Corrie tries to focus on using her leadership role to secretly create change in the Prime, her friend’s suspicious death makes her wonder how set in stone fate really is. In a search for the truth, Corrie finds the source of the death dates. She discovers that she has a family outside of the Prime…

…and her own death is even closer than she thought.

Facing rising questions about the world, her family, and her future, Corrie knows the answers lie outside of the Prime’s concrete walls. And if she can uncover them, then life must have a greater purpose—but can she find it before death arrives?


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